We provide full construction services from the designing, drawing – advising on layout, colour schemes, type of wood, steel, wallpaper, paint, lights, carpets and tiles to be used, costing and installation.

Of late we have launched a division which is exclusively responsible for maintenance i.e. painting and decorations, as well as repairs.

We also take cognisance at the economic status of our country and thus we offer the following services in affordable prices which from one service to another.


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Ceiling Services


This specific type of us services requires us to allow a hands-on approach for our customers from the onset up until the finishing line. This enables a customer to choose from an array of custom ceiling profiles, colours, proforations, finishes and so on.

Furthermore on custom designed ceilings, our speciality is more on anything from a false cavity in a wall to carved ceilings, complex artistic work, unique and rare patterns as well as designs which heighten illumination. An emphasis must be put, as much as these are our specialities, on this particular type of service, we always ensure that every design is made-to-measure as per each customer’s desired blueprint.

A suspended ceiling may be installed over an already standing drywall, steel joists and tile ceiling finishes. The benefits of suspended ceilings are that, modern day suspended ceilings can be derived from a variety of textures and designs, and can be installed in way that complements the decorations of your home.

Zamantu Ceilings & Partitions installs suspended ceilings in malls, showrooms as well as in office blocks. In our installations we use aluminium stilts which are suspended from a roof truss. Thereafter rhino-board segments are placed on top of these aluminium framework which in turn will give a tile effect.

The other benefits of suspended ceilings are that they can easily be installed and removed (for repairs to take place). Also suspended ceilings can be used to hide flaws on the original ceilings.

Drywall partitioning is commonly found in commercial, manufacturing and office building structures. However, with the increasing rate of the popularity of drywall partitioning in residential areas, Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions is one of the leading participants in terms of accelerating such rate. Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions offers a miscellaneous scope of partitioning systems, such as plasterboard, glazed, demountable, as well as timber.

Since the general purpose partitioning serves is to make open areas into smaller divided rooms, drywall can be easily be installed and removed. These indoor wall are installed with the absence of bricks and mortar. Drywall is also cost effective.

Bulkheads ceilings can be designed in limitless varieties, like floating ceilings, double-step ceilings, L-shaped, U-shaped bulkheads, and so on and are commonly installed to make an area artistically and visually appealing. As pleasing to the eye as they may be, they require more skill to install, which is what Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions has at its disposal, individuals with expertise!

We use bulkheads to conceal unpleasant building features, unify ceilings and make wall portraits or paintings more prominent, but the list does not end there! You may make use of our contact details for more information.

With our moulded cornices we create mouth-watering alteration from walls to ceilings, which such cornices come in numerous designs and styles and which suit to a variety if taste, taking also into consideration the modern preferences.

Our installations comprise of customary Gypsum cornices, Nutec and Timber cornices which are delightfully charming to the eye and with smooth and fine finishes, creating a magnificent intersection between the wall and the ceiling.

Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions construction offers an array of domestic ceilings, with the use of Gypsum boards cornices and cover bands, Gypsum plastered ceilings with surfaces free of roughness, seams and bumps, as well as Nutec ceilings, which are conventionally recognised as Asbestos ceilings. 

Ceiling Services