Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2014 by Mr Zakhele B Shelembe, and situated in Gauteng.  We began with a handful of twelve employees, to date we have staff of 30 individuals, with great individual skill, who however can also work as a team.

As Zamantu Ceilings and Partitions – in the course of obtaining ISO 9000 certification – has attracted a multitude of top-class clientele and as we also seek to fulfill each and every need and want of such market, our expertise can also be exercised in the field of designer ceiling installations. This is done in an effort to fortify the bond we have with our clients, as well as to provide tailor-made services for our customers

Zamantu Ceilings & Partitions is a company owned by Mr Zakhele B Shelembe whose dexterity and experience in the construction industry, on one hand, dates back to over 16 years ago, whereas on the other hand the collective experience in the company is just beneath 30 years.



Our vision is to craft the best interiors the world has ever seen, with intricately, well designed ceilings and partitions.


Is to offer our clientele services that best fit their needs and wants, through smart efforts combined with hard work